Stationery and Book Lists


The principle insofar learning resources go is that parents pay for consumables (books which children actually write in), and the school purchases “re-useable” books (books that can be used again, and which the children did not write in).

Gr 0-4

The stationery packs are compulsory for Grades 0-4. This is to ensure that all children have the resources they need at the start of the year. The cost of the packs will be added to the fee accounts of parents in January. Below are the links to the lists which include the respective costs.

Grade 0 2019 Stationery list

Grade 1 2019 Stationery list

Grade 2 2019 Stationery list

Grade 3 2019 Stationery list

Grade 4 2019 Stationery list

Gr 5-9

Stationery packs in Grades 5-10 can be purchased directly from the supplier using the links below. Parents may, also, source these items personally if you so wish.

Grade 5 2019

Grade 6 2019

Grade 7 2019

Grade 8 2019

Grade 9 2019

Gr 10

Gr 10 and upwards stationery requirements are rather specialised depending on subject choice and, subsequently, parents are responsible for the sourcing of the stationery and support material. Please see the list below.

Grade 10 2019 Stationery list